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Female Rehabilitee Gets Temporary House as Gift from Troops

The rehabilitee, Ms Edmound Rasa Udaya Kumari of Joseph Vass Nagar, Thottaweli, Mannar recently entered a new house, built jointly by officers/other ranks with the assistance of civilians since she has remained homeless after rehabilitation.

The former LTTE combatant after rehabilitation was regarded by some of the civilians in the area and she was mostly looked upon as a social outcast, resulting in non-availability of a permanent place to live.

Realizing ground realities, Lieutenant Colonel M.K.S.S Jayasinghe, Commanding Officer 25 Gemunu Watch unit serving the 543 Brigade Headquarters offered his Brigade’s assistance and mustered help from people in the area for construction of a temporary house.

On May 20, all of them got together and gifted the temporary house to Ms Udaya Kumari during a brief meeting. Several leading citizens in the area joined the brief ceremony.