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05th November 2015 18:55:51 Hours

Families of Electrocuted Soldiers to Receive All Assistance & Redress from The Commander

(Media Communiqué)

Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva on Thursday (5) morning instructed relevant officers to provide all possible assistance and redress to bereaved families of the three electrocuted Army soldiers at Gintota, and accord military funerals at respective cemeteries.

Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva who personally inquired into the tragedy that occurred while taking driving lessons on Tuesday (3) has instructed relevant officers to provide all possible assistance immediately to each family, in addition to other substantial welfare reliefs that could be made available to the next of kin of the victims at respective Regimental levels.

He has also directed those three soldiers, two from the Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) and one from the Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police (SLCMP) be accorded funerals with military honours at respective places on Friday (6) with the participation of relevant officers.

Corporal I.M.R Pushpakumara (4 SLLI) of Ihalagama, Konwewa, Mahawa, a father of two kids, Lance Corporal P.G.A Bandara (1 SLLI) of Dunukewatta, Inguruwatta, Mawathagama and Lance Corporal G.H Nanayakkara (4 SLCMP) of Beddawatta, Dangedara, Galle, together with four more soldiers, attached to the same Army camp at Boossa were receiving driving lessons from a private driving school at Ambalangoda when a high tension wire suddenly fell on the van at Gintota soon after it stopped to allow another trainee to take the driving seat.

All other soldiers, affected from electrocution were admitted to hospital for treatment and are reportedly out of danger. Military funerals will take place respectively at Mahawa, Ihalagama cemetery, Dunukewatta cemetery and Mahawatta, Dangedara cemetery on Friday (6). (Ends)