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Exercise - Cormorant Strike IV - 2013 Kicks Off From Ellewewa

The Army’s fourth mock ‘Exercise - Cormorant Strike IV – 2013,’ attended by 2698 tri-service personnel and 40 foreign military participants and observers in the east of Sri Lanka is now in full swing after it kicked off on Wednesday (11).

Foreign military participants and observers arrived at Minneriya Exercise Operation Headquarters on Wednesday (11) to receive a comprehensive briefing from Brigadier Piyal Wickramaratne, Director, ‘Exercise - Cormorant Strike IV – 2013’.

Minutes after that they joined the 15-day long Exercise with Army Commando (CR) Regiment and Special Forces (SF) Regiment troops, composed of Sri Lanka Navy and Air Force members after reaching Ellewewa operation point, deep in the jungles away from Dimbulagala area. 

Air Force Special Forces, aim to enhance special operation capabilities and maintain combat readiness at all levels, joining the Exercise with more than 25 pilots and ground troops.

The Exercise focuses on planning, preparations, formulations, coordination, command, control, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP), execution of Special Operations within given frameworks. 

Military representatives from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Pakistan and Nepal at the invitation of Directorate of Army Training are participating either as observers or active troop members in the Exercise.

Navy with its fleet of fast attack craft (FAC) and a merchant vessel and Air Force with many types of aircraft are contributing to the mock event.