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13th August 2019 09:16:57 Hours

Diyatalawa MSTS' Re-established Commandant's Chalet Opened

The Marksmanship and Sniper Training School (MSTS) had its re-established Commandant’s bungalow ceremonially opened in a simple ceremony on Monday (12) at the MSTS.

Completely renovated and improved to match with Sniper Identity, code named ‘Castle Orion’, it was opened by the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake as the Chief Guest at the invitation of Brigadier G.M.C.K.B Ekanayake, Commandant, MSTS.

This overall refurbishment and re-establishment of this vital need was made possible through local resources, bought from the Army Allocation. The low cost conceptual strategy ultimately resulted in the erection and renovation of a section of the building.

The Commander of the Army unveiled a plaque and warmed the new 'Castle Orion' by cutting a ribbon, together with Major General Laksiri Waduge, Commander Security Forces -Central and the Commandant MSTS along with other invited guests.

Thereafter, the Commander of the Army had a friendly discussion with the members of the workforce who contributed to the construction work during refreshments at the bungalow.

Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake after attending the opening ceremony proceedings had an inspection visit of the Training School, followed by the customary troop address, held at Lieutenant Colonel D.B Rajasinghe Memorial Auditorium. On his arrival at the main gate, a Drive Past Guard Turnout greeted him in accordance with military traditions. After a while, the Officers of the MSTS and other staff were introduced to the Commander of the Army by the Commandant MSTS before a brief presentation about the MSTS was screened.

Prior to the exit of the Chief Guest from the MSTS, he happened to pen a few thoughts in the Visitors’ Book. Thereafter, the Commandant MSTS presented a Plaque to mark his participation as the Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony of the Commandant’s Bungalow. He also had a camp visit during his stay there.