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Published on - 1/11/2007

Diplomat Lauds Security Checks

A DIPLOMAT CHECKED by the Security Forces at a checkpoint in the heart of Colombo praised the personnel on duty and the way they work to strengthen security. The diplomat was stopped by the Security Forces in Wellawatte.

R. Saijeeswaran, Consulate General to Republic of Liberia had no documents with him to prove his status.

His driver went back to get the documents leaving the diplomat at the checkpoint. When the driver arrived with the documents, the Security Forces\' personnel identified Saijeeswaran as a diplomat and apologised for the inconvenience.

He told the Daily News that though he was unhappy about the incident, he appreciated the Security Forces\' action.

He accepted that it was his mistake to travel without documents. A Security Forces spokesman said the public may be inconvenienced by the extensive checks but they must understand that it is for their own safety. It is better to be safe rather than be sorry, he said.

\'The civilians must be helpful to the Security Forces. People must be on alert always and inform the authorities whenever they see something suspicious on their way. They should not think of security checks as a hassle,\' he said. (Courtesy: Daily News)