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03rd January 2024 15:41:24 Hours

Deputy Chief of Staff Visits Abhimansala II at Kamburupitiya Conveying New Year Greetings

The Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General S.P.A.I.M.B Samarakoon Hdmc Lsc together with a group of Senior Officers made a visit to the Abhimansala II at Kamburupitiya on Tuesday (02 Jan), with the intention of inquiring the well-being of residing inmates in the premises in the dawn of New Year - 2024.

Upon the arrival, the Deputy Chief of Staff was greeted in a Guard Turnout according to military formalities and an inmate well received him at the entrance. During the visit, the Senior Officers visited the hospital and interacted with the inmates undergoing treatments while distributing New Year gifts among them.

Adding memories to the day, the Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Officers posed for a few group photographs with the inmates. Culminating the day’s programme, Major General S.P.A.I.M.B Samarakoon Hdmc Lsc penned down some complimentary remarks in the visitor’s book.