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16th February 2021 16:29:28 Hours

De-Briefing at Minneriya Brings down the Curtain on 'Harmattan-3' FTX

The five-day long UN Mission Orientation Field Training Exercise (FTX) 'Harmattan - 3 ' for Combat Convoy Company (CCC) duties in UN Peace-keeping missions covering 457.2 km in distance ended this afternoon (16) at Minneriya Infantry Training Centre (ITC) after an extensive de-briefing in order to assess its gains and identify lapses or any other shortcomings.

This full-scale rehearsal of military manoeuvers as practice for fairly realistic scenarios and situations with a vehicle convoy of 47 vehicles and 20 officers and 223 Other Ranks, belonging to Gajaba Regiment, Sri Lanka Armoured Corps, Sri Lanka Engineers, Sri Lanka Signal Corps, Mechanized Infantry Regiment, Corps of Engineer Service, Sri Lanka Army Service Corps, Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps, Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps, Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police and Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps began on Friday (12) from Mailady, Jaffna under five Phases.

Major General Champaka Ranasinghe, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 58 Division who functioned as the Exercise Director ‘FTX - 'Harmattan - 3’ as well as Major General DeepalPussella, GOC, 62 Division who worked as the Deputy Exercise Director led the de-briefing sessions at Minneriya after participating Officers gathered with their respective submissions. The FTX was proved a huge success in terms of its overall gains both theoretical and practical, the de-briefing was told.

The FTX traversed from Mailady to Kuweni Junction (Phase 1), Kuweni Junction to Nayaru (Phase 2) Nayaru to ThawulWewa (Phase 3), Thawulwewa to Kandakadu (Phase 4) and Kandakadu to Minneriya ITC (Phase 5) within five days where 'Drone' technolgy tactics of 15th Drone Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA), for surveillance, practical simulated war conditions, Tactical Exercises, map model pratices, simulated attack scenarios making situations more unpredictable and realistic in more difficult or more far-fetched settings of actual battles were rehearsed to suit ground realities in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission (MINUSMA) in Mali and Goa. 47 vehicles including 6 Armoured vehicles, 6 unibuffels and 19 administrative vehicles contributed to the success of the mock expedition.

Intending to sharpen the skills of those participating to a level which will surpass that of the mock enemy, the FTX was devised on the guidelines given by General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army and was spearheaded under the supervision of the Director General, General Staff Branch Major General Priyanka Fernando. Sports News | シューズ