Sri Lanka Army

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01st January 2024 20:44:02 Hours

Dawn of New Year - 2024 Greeted at Army Headquarters with Formalities

Amid formalities, warm wishes, and the exchange of hearty pleasantries, troops at the Army Headquarters in Sri Jayawardenepura greeted the first working day of the New Year-2024 with customary flag-raising, the reading of the state allegiance oath, recital of the national anthem and the Army song, the Commander's New Year address, and interactions as major features of the day's simple arrangement on Monday (01 Jan) morning.

The day's proceedings commenced with the arrival of Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage RWP RSP ndu, Commander of the Army as the Chief Guest. To mark the start, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, Commander of the Army, and Major General W.H.K.S Peiris RWP RSP VSV USP ndu, Chief of Staff, hoisted the National flag and the Army flag respectively as the day's parade of Senior Officers and Other Ranks looked on.

Singing of the National Anthem and the Army Song by all present afterward set the stage ready to pay tribute to the memory of all fallen War Heroes with a two-minute silence in a solemn moment of remembrance. The day's sequence reached its apex with the presentation of the state allegiance oath by the Adjutant General, Major General S.R.B Aluvihare RWP RSP ndu psc.

Seconds after, the audience was ready to listen to the much-awaited address of the Commander o the Army, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage. His speech to the occasion summed up the fulfillment of varying challenges in the past and national security commitments and explained how the future would hold for the organization with new responsibilities entrusted to the Army for the best interests of the nation.

Firstly, he respectfully commemorated fallen War Heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the Mother Nation while wishing a speedy recovery for war veterans still undergoing treatment. He thanked the former Commanders of the Army, Officers, and Other Ranks for their valuable service rendered to the organization.

Furthermore, the Army Chief respectfully mentioned the utmost support and guidance provided by the incumbent President and the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe, Hon State Minister of Defence, Chief of Staff, and Senior Advisor to the President on National Security, Secretary to Ministry of Defence and Chief of Defence Staff.

Moreover, he remembered the high discipline and efficiency of Army troops who performed excellently during the humanitarian operation era and even during the tough times in the post-war scenario.

Additionally, he stressed that the main responsibility of the Army is to protect the motherland and safeguard national security by upholding national democracy and thanked the troops who are performing their duties amidst enduring heavy challenges in their lives.

Furthermore, he expressed his happiness regarding the accomplished major role in the recent period for the betterment and welfare of the current Army personnel, retired War Heroes, members of War Heroes' families, and paid his gratitude towards the Army Seva Vanitha Unit for its exemplary commitment towards the welfare of the troops and their families.

The Commander of the Army, extending his best wishes to all officers, other ranks, civil employees and all their families for a Happy New Year filled with new hopes, peace, happiness, prosperity and health, concluded his address.

Marking the end of the New Year formalities, the Army Chief interacted with the troops during an All-Ranks tea arrangement on the premises.

Before commencing duties in the New Year, the Commander of the Army together with Mrs Janaki Liyanage, President, Army Seva Vanitha Unit, Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, Principal Staff Officers and a gathering of Senior Officers took part in religious observances, headed by Ven Dr Aluthnuwara Anurudhdha Thero, Chief Incumbent at Kotte Raja Maha Viharaya and members of Maha Sangha.