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10th June 2024 17:23:42 Hours

Cybercrime Awareness Lecture Conducted by 24 Infantry Division

24 Infantry Division organised an insightful lecture on cybercrimes on 05 June 2024. This event, held under the guidance of Major General W.L.A.C Perera RWP RSP USP, aimed to enhance the knowledge on cyber threats among Officers and Other Ranks.

The primary goal of this lecture was to equip attendees with practical tips to safeguard against cyber threats. The session featured expert speakers from the police station in Ampara, including renowned cybercrime investigator Inspector RM Madduma Bandara. They shared real-world examples of cyber-attacks, highlighting the sophistication and potential damage these crimes can inflict. The speakers also emphasised the importance of staying updated with the latest cyber security practices and tools.

500 personnel including Officers and Other Ranks participated in the occasion.