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Commander's Initiative, Regimental Housing Project for Fallen War Hero Families Almost Completed

The novel ‘House Construction’ project at all regimental levels for families of fallen War Heroes and differently able soldiers which saw its birth as a conceptual notion of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Crisanthe De Silva, is fast nearing completion by fourth week of September, 2015.

To be in line with the Commander's noble visionary project, 18 Regiments swiftly jumped into action and began construction of  35 new houses in recipients’ own land slots, made available by two of selected beneficiaries from each respective regiment for erection under the Phase 1 of the project.

This new initiative came into effect after the Commander closely observed and evaluated the need for proper and decent housing facilities for family members of fallen War Heroes and differently able ones, who have rendered an invaluable service to the country as true patriotic sons of Sri Lanka during the war for peace before 2009.

The Phase II of this new housing project will commence, giving priority to the next segment of relatives and differently able War Heroes, latest by end of October, 2015.

Under the Phase I, relatives of fallen War Heroes and injured War Heroes from Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC), Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA), Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE), Sri Lanka Signal Corps (SLSC), Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI), Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR), Gemunu Watch (GW), Gajaba Regiment (GR), Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (VIR), Mechanized Infantry Regiment (MIR), Commando Regiment (CR), Special Forces (SF), Military Intelligence Corps (MIC), Sri Lanka Army Service Corps (SLASC), Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (SLAMC), Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps (SLAGSC), Sri Lanka National Guard (SLNG) and Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps (SLAWC), were among the beneficiaries under this new scheme, initiated by the Commander.

The Regimental housing project is coordinated by the Directorate of Welfare.

Following photos depict several houses thus completed;

 S/106857  Lance Corporal Somasiri KV (KIA) - 6 SLAC
 S/105050  Corporal  Priyantha PAJ (KIA) - 3 SLAC
 S/5A01999  Lance Bombardier  Kusumsiri Senanayake ST (KIA) - 5 (V) SLA
S/158426  Bombardier  Chandrasena EDDK (DISABLE) - 6 SLA
 S/239650  Sergeant  Pushpakumara AAI (KIA) - 5 SLE
 S/235776  Corporal  Kumara Kaldera HPL (KIA) - 5 SLE
 S/277120  Sergeant  Gunawardana PR (KIA) - 5 SLSC
 S/281906  Signalmen  Chathuranga EMK (DISABLE ) - 7 SLSC
S/306454  Sergeant  Dehigolla DGP (KIA) - 12 SLLI
 S/17D00162  Lance Corporal  Sunil S (DISABLE) - 17 (V) SLLI
 S/365814  Lance Corporal  Daluwaththa DGSK (KIA) - 4 SLSR
 S/372941  Lance Corporal  Chandrasena APW (DISABLE) - 16 SLSR
S/410704  Sergeant  Abesingha Banda RM (KIA) - 11 GW
 S/415890  Lance Corporal  Saman ID (KIA) - 4 GW
 S/461255  Sergeant  Ariyadasa  AUH (KIA) - 3 GR
 S/11G00784  Private  Sugath Prema JA (DISABLE) - 11 GR
 S/520380  Corporal  Dabarera WB RSP (DISABLE) - 9 VIR
 S/193670  Lance Corporal  Priyantha Kumara RM (KIA) - 4 VIR
 S/826752  Corporal  Priyanjith DES (KIA) - 1 MIR
 S/826923  Private  Bandara TMA (DISABLE) - 3 MIR
 S/552496  Lance Corporal  Disanayake DMPK (KIA) - 2 CR
 S/553940  Corporal  Dinesh BLS RSP (DISABLE) - 2 CR
 S/512397  Sergeant  Upul VG (KIA) - 2 SF
 S/470209  Corporal  Gunarathna KGDMAW (KIA) - 1 SF
 S/775355  Sergeant  Fernando HKK (KIA) - 1 MIC
 S/3U00058  Corporal  Chaminda Senavirathna TB (KIA) - 3 (V) MIC
 S/82343  Sergeant  Sumathipala W  (KIA) - 3 SLASC
 S/576312  Lance Corporal  Ajith BG (KIA) - 4 SLASC
 S/85576  Corporal  Gunarathna KDP  (DISABLE) - 3 SLAMC
 S/2L00496  Lance Corporal  Ranaweera RKMCS (KIA) - 2 (V) SLAMC
 S/700604  Lance Corporal  Senavirathna TB (KIA) - 1 SLAGSC
 S/94433  Private  Hewavitharana PSP (KIA) - 1 SLAGSC
 S/19Q00417  Lance Corporal  Priyantha Bandara AM (DISABLE) - 19 SLNG
 S/6Q01917  Lance Corporal  Sunil Kumara KP (DISABLE) - 6 SLNG
 S/2R01329  Lance Corporal  Rathnayake RMTK (KIA) - 2 (V) SLAWC