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Published on - 8/31/2006

Commander Vows To Wipe Out Terrorism

COMMANDER OF THE ARMY Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, in an interview given to the weekend newspaper “Lanka” has vowed to wipe out LTTE terrorism.

He has further said that during the past days LTTE suffered heavy casualties in the face of counter attacks, directed by the Security Forces. He asserted that Security Forces are able to defeat any kind of terrorist attack or threat, as it happened in the past, too. All recent terrorist attempts were thwarted and so would be the case in the future too. He has stressed that LTTE terrorism will be wiped out completely, the report said.

Meanwhile, Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka told the visiting Ambassador for Finland Mr. Asko Numminen that it was vital for the Security Forces to ensure that the Trincomalee horbour is intact since it is the central point to transport troops and essential items to Jaffna.

“For that Security Forces need to neutralize LTTE attacks towards Trincomalee harbour from nearby Sampoor. Therefore it is vital for us to strengthen security of the Trincomalee harbour removing LTTE threats from Sampoor,” the Commander has reportedly told the delegate who paid a courtesy call on the Commander.