Sri Lanka Army

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14th January 2022 20:57:26 Hours

Commander Makes Surprise Visit to Panagoda on a Holiday

An unannounced casual visit of General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff, Commander of the Army and Head of the Green Agriculture Operation Center (GAOC) to the Panagoda Army Cantonment this noon (14) during lunch hour took all Officers and Other Ranks on duty at the location by surprise where the Army Chief made a bee-line to several kitchen premises where lunch is cooked and dining halls for women soldiers.

The visiting Army Chief was joined by Major General Ashoka Peiris, Chief Signal Officer and Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Signal Corps and a few casually-dressed senior officers upon the arrival of the Commander at the Cantonment, no sooner than General Shavendra Silva's presence was communicated to them. At first, General Shavendra Silva closely observed utensils being used to prepare meals and exchanged views with the chefs and Other Ranks inquiring into the quality of food varieties and the content of calories, etc. He also made a point to talk to a section of Army female soldiers partaking of their meals during lunch time at the Mess Hall with a view to receiving information at ground level.

During this surprise visit, the Army Chief visited the sales outlet selling agrarian products in the compound, managed by the Army Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock in Panagoda. Subsequently, he collected first-hand information by visiting the Mess Halls of Other Ranks of the Regimental Center of the Sri Lanka Artillery, Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers Regimental Centre, Sri Lanka Signal Corps Regimental Centre, Sri Lanka Light Infantry Regimental Centre, Sri Lanka Army Service Corps Regimental Centre and the Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps Regimental Centre. He freely mingled with them and queried about the quality of meals and other concerns.

Major General Ajith Kolambathanthri, Military Secretary and several Senior Officers at the Army HQ joined the Army Chief's visit to the Panagoda Army Cantonment.