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Published on - 1/25/2008

Commander Flies to Mannar &; Wanni Again

AS SKIRMISHES between the troops and Tiger terrorists gather momentum with troops capturing Tiger (LTTE) strongholds day by day , constant and close supervision and assessment is regularly needed since hundreds of brave soldiers are committed for the cause.

In less than a week, Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, Commander of the Army on Friday (25) made his second tour to trouble-torn Mannar and Wanni areas with a view to taking stock of the latest developments pertaining to ongoing humanitarian operations.

During his stopover in Mannar, he talked to a cross section of the senior officers and other ranks serving the area and received a full-update inquiring into various aspects of welfare and needs of the soldiers if any.

In Mannar, he was received by Brigadier Shavindra Silva Senior officers who joined the meeting, headed by the commander briefed him on the developments.

His stop at Wanni Headquarters in Vavuniya focused on unfolding security developments and matters of public concern in the wake of LTTE's “hit and run” tactics. On his arrival in Wanni he was briefed by Major General Lalith Daulagala.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka after evaluating the status-guo instructed his officers to further improve certain strategies, enabling the troops to face any enemy resistance in a better manner.

Commander and his retinue returned the same evening.