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16th May 2024 21:55:32 Hours

Commander of the Army Urges War Veterans to be Vigilant Against Illegal Foreign Job Scam that Recruits Individuals for Mercenary Roles in Abroad

A group of retired War Heroes, who dedicated their lives to defending the country during the 30 years long conflict, have fallen victim to a scam governed by illegal foreign job agents. These veterans were misled and sent to the Russian-Ukrainian war zone as part of mercenary groups. Shockingly, many of them have lost their lives or suffered injuries on the battlefield. It's disheartening to see these honorable veterans, who served with utmost commitment in the Sri Lanka Army, now engaged as mercenaries abroad.

These veterans were attracted by promises of joining foreign armies, high salaries, citizenship in those countries, and other perks. However, they received neither pay nor benefits, and their families haven't received any compensation either. The situation of these veterans remains unknown to their families, adding to the distress.

The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are seeking information about these veterans and the casualties they have faced in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The Commander of the Army has requested war veterans, urging them not to fall victim to such illegal schemes that risk their lives and to consider their families' welfare before making any decisions.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Police and Intelligence units, have launched extensive operations to apprehend the culprits behind this human trafficking racket. Several individuals involved have already been arrested.

The Commander of the Army has emphasized that Sri Lankan citizens, especially war veterans, cannot be allowed to become mercenaries abroad and face life-threatening situations.

In addition to official actions, there are also personal statements by family members shedding light on the gravity of this situation. Relevant videos have also been uploaded with this article from family members of the victims, providing a deeper insight into the struggles faced by these veterans and their loved ones.