Sri Lanka Army

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16th January 2024 19:33:23 Hours

The Commander of the Army Provides Musical Instruments for MT/ Elwela Vidyalaya Band

Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage RWP RSP ndu, the Commander of the Army, demonstrated his unwavering commitment to supporting education and the arts by generously donating musical instruments to the Western Band of MT/Elwela Vidyalaya, Ukuwela, Matale on 16 January. This act of patronage came in response to a request made by Mr. K.A.B.K.K Kodithuwakku, the Principal of MT/ Elwela Vidyalaya, Ukuwela, Matale.

The special occasion took place at the Commanders' office, where the Principal, accompanied by a Teacher, Mr E.D.S.N Gunathunga and a group of students; Master N.H.P.O Bawantha, Western Band Leader, Master S.D. Hewavitharana, Head Prefect, Master G.P Viduranga Kumara, Deputy Head Prefect and Master Theekshana Bandara, a Prefect had the privilege of meeting Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, the Commander of the Army. The event was marked by a friendly interaction, during which the Commander of the Army and the students exchanged pleasantries.

In a symbolic gesture of support for the school's music ventures, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage presented the much-needed musical instruments to Mr. K.A.B.K.K Kodithuwakku, the Principal of MT/ Elwela Vidyalaya. The Principal, expressing gratitude on behalf of the school, highlighted the significant impact the Army Chief’s donation would have on enhancing the students' music education.

Following the presentation, the Commander of the Army concluded the event by presenting special mementoes to the Principal and the representative students. This gesture aimed to mark their visit to Army Headquarters and to express appreciation for their dedication to the field of music.