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Chundikulam Birds Sanctuary Resurrects &;amp; Open for Tourists

Expanding facilities for nature lovers who wish to spend time with birds in Chundikulam natural habitat, an eco-friendly Holiday Resort was declared open on Tuesday (03) in close proximity to the Chundikulam bird sanctuary by the Commander Security Forces, Jaffna Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe.

Chundikulam Birds Sanctuary stretches over 49.2 sq km on the northeastern coast of the Jaffna peninsula. The landscape offers a charming spectacle  of the nature and is inhabited by varieties of local and migrant birds.

From November to mid January one who travels across this birds’ park can see different species of migrant birds and other seasonal ones, according to environmentalists. Some species fly here to lay and hatch their eggs since the temperature here is conducive for breeding. 
The natural environment here is also rich with flora and fauna, endemic to the North making the park, an ideal site for researchers, students, ecologists and nature lovers who could experience the biodiversity in a limited area, half of it, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The sanctuary-like area, spotted with green jungle patches, and fresh water ponds, amidst silver sand dunes offers a panoramic view.

This nature park is second only to the Kumana birds sanctuary but its natural beauty was earlier destroyed by LTTE terrorists after cutting trees and dumping explosives.