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CES Vesak Lantern Wins Second Place at 'Buddha Rashimi' Vesak Zone

The ‘Vesak’ Lantern presented by the Corps of Engineer Services (CES) of Sri Lanka Army won the second place at the ‘Buddha RashmiVesak Zone in Gangaramaya, Hunpitiya.

The lantern, depicting two important events of the life of the Buddha, the Great Renunciation and the attaining of enlightenment, has been able to draw large crowds at the Vesak Zone. The lantern was made of organic material using coconut shells and coconut dries Matalu, Kithul seeds, cane and Bo leaves.

Warrant Officer I  N.H.S. Sanjeewa, along with 26 other rankers completed the lantern within two months.

Warrant Officer I  Sanjeewa and his crew have been successfully presenting Vesak Lanterns for the ‘Buddha RashmiVesak Zone over the years. For the past three years, they have secured the first place in the same exhibition.