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10th December 2017 08:11:19 Hours

Central Troops Join Tree Planting

Troops serving the Security Force Headquarters - Central (SFHQ-C) launched a tree planting campaign along the banks on the Samanala Wewa reservoir during 7 - 8 December.

1 Officer and 32 Other Ranks joined the tree planting campaign on the instructions of Major General Rukmal Dias, Commander, Security Forces - Central (SF-C) in response to the request made by the authorities of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB).

200 Kitul saplings, 200 Wewel cane saplings, 500 Mee saplings, 250 Kaluwara saplings and 25 Indigenous Medicinal saplings were planted during the project.

Mr M.P.L.R Gunawaradana, Environment Officer, CEB, Mr H. Ambepitiya, Chief Engineer, Samanala Wewa, Hydroelectric Power plant and Mr Risitha Padmila, Environment Officer, CEB participated in the launching of the tree planting campaign.

Colonel C.S Munasinghe, Colonel General Staff, Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks participated in the event.

The troops provided refreshments also to the gathering at the event.