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20th October 2023 07:45:38 Hours

CBRNE Troops Clean Boralesgamuwa Lake

Disaster Response Squadron of the 14 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Engineer (CBRNE) of the Sri Lanka Engineer (SLE) Regiment responding to a request made by the Disaster Management Center offered its technical assistance to remove pollutants in Boralesgamuwa Lake as it remains infested with water plants, pollutants and different water hyacinth during a period of one month (11 Sept-12 October)

Major General M. K Jayawardena RSP USP ndu, the Colonel Commandant of the SLE Regiment with Major General A. H. L. G Amarapala RWP RSP ndu psc the Chief Field Engineer and Major General S. A Kulatunge RWP RSP USP psc, Commander Engineer Division provided much-needed guidance for the project.

The Commanding Officer of 14 CBRNE Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel B. M. P. K Belligahawatta RSP USP SLE supervised the project, performed by the Squadron of the 14 CBRNE.

The Regional Irrigation Engineer of Boralasgamuwa praised the Army for their assistance and the troops were able to remove this invasive plant and contributed to safeguarding of the local environment as well.

Special thanks were also conveyed by Irrigational Engineers to the Commander of the Army and the Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers for their exceptional support and invaluable services.