Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

15th May 2019 15:51:42 Hours

Brig Manjula Karunaratne, New Commander of the Artillery Brigade

Brigadier Manjula Karunaratne assumed office as the 20th Commander of the Artillery Brigade on Monday (13) during a brief ceremony at the Panagoda Sri Lanka Artillery Brigade Headquarters. He was formerly the Deputy Commandant at the Officer Career Development Centre (OCDC) in Buttala.

On his arrival at the premises, a Guard Turnout greeted him before he was received by the Centre Commandant at the Artillery Brigade. Afterwards, he lit the auspicious oil lamp and inaugurated the new office. A few minutes later, he placed his signature in a formal document and signified the acceptance of the new appointment as several officers looked on.

A few minutes later, he spoke to the troops at the Headquarters and explained his plan of work in the future before he joined an all rank tea table where he exchanged views with all those present at the occasion.