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29th September 2016 03:40:03 Hours

Blessings on Army Flags Invoked in Sri Dalada Maligawa

The day’s second highlight in Kandy began this evening soon after the representative gathering of all ranks attending Kandy ceremonies formed up near the main gate to the Sri Dalada Maligawa with all Army flags, held in their hands as arrangements were set to conduct the symbolic Flag Blessing ceremony inside the inner chambers at the most sacred shrine.

Colourful Army Flags, including the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, all Security Force Headquarters, Divisions, Brigades, Schools, Training Centres, Regiments and formations across the country that symbolize the living memory, dignity of the organization and all members serving each of them, took the centre-stage of attraction as those flags were taken respectfully in procession to the upper chamber and the Paththirippuwa (octagon) by representative officers of each unit. As the head of the organization, the Commander carried the Sri Lanka Army Flag at the front of the procession for invocation of blessings.

Flags were  subsequently delivered to the monks in charge of the Thewawa at the upper chamber where chanting of Seth Pirith and conduct of religious observances afterwards invoked blessings on the Army’s long journey.

Gilanpasa Pooja at the Sri Dalada Maligawa on Wednesday (28) evening was patronized by the troops of the 11 Division Headquarters at Pallekele commanded by Major General D.S.N.K Senadheera. General Officer Commanding, 11 Division. Hundreds of officers and other rankers took part in the ceremonies.