Sri Lanka Army

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23rd November 2015 18:11:28 Hours

Army Troops Assist to Trace Missing Monks

A total of 85 Army personnel belonging to 9 Gemunu Watch (GW) and 12 Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA), together with 6 eight-man teams of Special Forces (SF) rushed to the mountainous jungle area of Kandegama Aralaganwila on Sunday (22) evening where four novice monks (Samanera) went missing after their entry into jungle areas.

At the request of the Police, those Army personnel of the Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E) went to the jungle-infested area and began search operations in the company of members of the Civil Defence Force and the Police. Some villagers also assisted the search operations as they were more knowledgeable on whereabouts of the area.

However, the search operations were able to locate those four monks this morning (23) who had told the Police that they had got lost in the jungles and failed to trace the path for return to the temple as the dusk was falling.