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05th February 2019 16:55:28 Hours

Army Tip-off Leads Police to Find Felled Trees, Worth Millions

Alert East-based Army Officers serving under the Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E) a few days ago tipped off the Police about a mass scale illicit tree-felling rackets occurring inside the Mirandavil Forest Reserve in Wadumune, Welikanda and Nelugala Forest Reserve, prompting the Valachchenai Police to take a large stock of logs into custody.

On information given by Welikanda villagers to the SFHQ-E, a team of Army Officers made an on the spot verification of the information after entering the Forest Reserves after keeping the jungle area under surveillance but those tree fellers had by then fled the areas, leaving those valuable felled logs, like teak, palu, margosa, etc behind in both Mirandavil and Nelugala Forest Reserves.

The value of those felled trees exceeds about Rs 80 lakhs according to the SFHQ-E. Major General Aruna Jayasekara, Commander, Security Forces – East has commended the Officers for taking the initiative in this regard.