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Army Provides Contribution to New 'Sanghawasa' Construction at 'Dharmayathanaya'

Sri Lanka Army, which is all the time prepared to provide all possible assistance to places of religious significance for their development or restoration work in compliance with the visionary ‘Mahinda Chinthanaya’ policy statement, extended its monetary assistance to the Bauddhaloka Mawatha ‘Dharmayathanaya’ in Colombo 7 on Thursday (3).

Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander of the Army soon after culmination of another assignment in close proximity visited the ‘Dharmayathanaya’ and made a donation of a Rs 5 million towards the temple’s ongoing ‘Sanghawasa’ construction project.

Ven Elle Gunawansa Nayake Thero, Incumbent, ‘Dharmayathanaya’ accepted the donation, made by the Commander and invoked blessings on the Commander and the Army. It was made possible due to dedication of all the members of the Army Buddhist Association.

During his sojourn, the Commander had a look at the progress of the new construction project and discussed related matters with the monk who blessed the Commander before his departure from the temple.

Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE) have been assigned the construction of the new temple building.

It was the Commander himself as the Chief Guest who laid the foundation-stone for this construction a few months ago after this requirement was projected to the Army.