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Army Footballers Clinch Victory Against Their Indian Counterparts in Kolkata

The Sri Lanka Army Football Team as a gesture of goodwill and strong friendship, took part in a friendly football tournament with the Indian Army footballers in Kolkata, India during April 17-21.  

Sri Lanka Army footballers, showing their colours during the finals on April 20, 2012 triumphantly beat the Indian counterparts (Red Team) securing 2-0 goals and won the football trophy. Indian Army’s Red Football team is considered the cream of all the football teams in the Army and is held in high esteem by all India football teams.

On April 18, Sri Lankan footballers vied against their Indian counterparts (Green Team) but both teams had to be contended finally with penalties since neither scored any goals. However, during that tussle too, Sri Lankan Army footballers clinched the victory, 5-4 goals.

Sri Lankan Army footballers achievements in the friendly tournament received congratulations from the Commander of the Army after their return to Sri Lanka. Major S. Pathmanathan was the coach during the stay in India.

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya during his most recent interactive meetings with chiefs of the Indian Army both here and India underlined the importance of renewal of Army sports programmes between Sri Lanka and India.