Sri Lanka Army

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23rd May 2023 14:07:01 Hours

Army Commander Donates Laptops to Deserving Students; Empowering Education for All

In a heart-warming gesture that highlights the unwavering commitment of the Sri Lanka Army towards education and supporting its own members and their families, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage RWP RSP ndu, the Commander of the Army, donated laptops to two exceptional students of a Non-Commissioned Officer and a civil employee on Tuesday (May 23).

This act of generosity, initiated as a response to the request made by the Non-Commissioned Officer has not only provided the tools necessary for academic success but has also emphasized the importance of supporting those who have contributed significantly to their nation.

The recipients, the daughter of a medically-boarded out Lance Corporal of the Army and the son of a civil employee represent the embodiment of resilience and determination.

The daughter of a medically-boarded out Lance Corporal, who excelled in her academics earned a place at a prestigious university amidst many challenging circumstances. Her father, Lance Corporal K.C.D Kirigama, a war veteran of the Sri Lanka Army belonging to the Gajaba Regiment, selflessly served the motherland during the war before 2009 and got severely wounded in the battlefield. With the compassionate and swift act of the Army Chief to the request forwarded by the war veteran, this deserving student can now embark on her higher education journey with the necessary technological resources.

Mr. K.A.N Sarath Kumara, who is serving as a civil employee of the Commander's Secretariat, has been recognised for his dedicated commitments towards his responsibilities. His son, demonstrating his immense potential, passed the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination with flying colors in 2019 and was fortunate to be admitted to Ananda College, Colombo for his secondary education. As an encouragement for this young boy's remarkable achievement and continuation of his studies in an excellent manner, he was awarded a laptop, ensuring he can now continue his educational pursuits unhindered, utilizing the digital tools necessary for an enriched learning experience.

The Army Chief during those students' visit to his office, appreciative of their skills did not forget to inquire into the progress of their studies and well-being before both were awarded two laptops as incentives for studies.

By recognizing the academic achievements and the contributions made by the families of these students, the Commander has exemplified compassion, empathy, and a vision for a more equitable society. The laptops provided will not only enhance the educational journey of these talented individuals but will also serve as a reminder of the gratitude and support they have received from the nation.