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14th September 2023 19:57:38 Hours

Army Base Hospital Diyatalawa Receives Medical Equipment thru Central Troops

Troops serving under the Security Force HQ-Central through overseas donors gifted a stock of medical equipment to the Diyatalawa Army Base Hospital on Tuesday (12 Sep) under the guidance of Major General W.W.H.R.R.V.M.N.D.K.B Niyangoda RWP RSP VSV USP ndu psc, Commander, Security Forces - Central (SF-Central).

Hospital authorities under the project received a large stock of medical equipment, inclusive of Goggles, Stethoscopes, Infrared and Tympanic Thermometers, scissors, plastic trays, etc.

'Silvia Foundation' in the United Kingdom, together with Sydney and Melbourne Hospital Service Board Members in Australia donated those medical equipment through the coordination of Ven. Rajawalle Subhuthi Thero, Director, Sri Lanka Hospital Ambulance Service Association and SF - Central troops.

Brigadier W.M.S.C.K Wanasinghe RSP USP, Brigadier General Staff of SF-Central, Lieutenant Colonel P.H.N.H Perera, Civil Affairs Officer of SF-Central, Major K.R.A Perera USP, Commanding Officer of Army Base Hospital, Diyatalawa, Officers and Other Ranks were present during the hand-over event.