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07th February 2016 19:30:31 Hours

Army Athletes in 12th SAG Make Impressive Records

Sri Lanka Army sportsmen and women, participating in the ongoing 12th South Asian Games (SAG) in India has by Sunday (7) afternoon, made their organization proud by winning a few Silver and Bronze medals in Wrestling (Women), Weightlifting (Men), Swimming (Women), in addition to the Golds won by other athletes in Swimming and Cycling.

As of Sunday (7) afternoon,  Private S. P. S Niroshani of 2 (volunteer) Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps (SLAWC) has won a Silver in women’s wrestling (48 kg) while  Lance Corporal J. A. C Lakmal of 4 Commando Regiment secured a Silver in men’s weightlifting (56 kg).

Similarly, Recruit I. E Senanayake of 2 (volunteer) Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps (SLAWC) made history securing a Bronze in Swimming (women’s free style relay-200 m) and one more Silver by her in Swimming (women’s free style relay-4x100 m).

Two more Silver medals in Wrestling (53 kg and 58 kg) were added to the medal table by Private P.P.A.K Wijesinghe and Private D.M.D.D.K Weerabahu of 4 SLAWC on Monday (8).

Following are the Army achievers in SAG after Monday (8);

Name Event   Medal
Recruit I. E. Senanayake - 2 (V) SLAWC                                                                                                                                      Swimming (women’s free style - 800m)                                                                                                Silver                            
Lance Corporal H. M. P. Manuranga - SLAOC  Wushu (Nanquan & Nangun) Bronze
Lance Corporal K. A. C. T. S. Abeykoon - 5 SLNG  Weight Lifting (94 Kg Mens) Bronze
Private I.A Kaluthanthri - 6 SLAWC Weight Lifting (75+kg)  Silver  
Lance Bombardier A.G.S. Abeywickrama - 15 SLA Weight Lifting (105+kg)  Bronze
Gunner W. K. H. Eashan - 5 SLA Athletic (100 m Men) Gold
Recruit I. E. Senanayake - 2 (V) SLAWC Relays (free style - 4x200m Women) Silver
Private U.K.N Rathnayake - 7 SLAWC        Athletic (5000 m)        


Bombardier L.D Alenson - 4 SLA Hammer Throw (Men) Bronze
Private A.L.M Ashrof - 2 SLEME Athletic (100 m)


Recruit S.L.S Silva - 6 SLAWC  Long Jump 


  Volleyball (M)             


  Volleyball (F)   Silver
Corporal H.M Dileep Ruwan - 1 GW Athletic (400 m) Bronze
Lance Corporal H.A.M.I.G.I.M  Herath- 2 SLEME  Athletic (800 m Men) Gold
Lance Corporal D.L Samarajeewa - 2 SLEME Athletic (10000m Men)            


Recruit H.D.V Lakshini - 6 SLAWC Triple Jump (Women)


Lance Corporal L.G.A.T Vinodani - 3 SLAWC High Jump (Women)


Recruit R.A.S.I Ranasinghe - 6 SLAWC  100 m hurdles (Women) 


  4 x 100 m Relay (Men)


  4 x 100 m Relay (Women) Gold
Private R.A.S Lakmal - 1 SLEME     Athletic (1500 m Men) Silver   
Private U.K.N Ratnayake - 7 SLAWC Athletic (1500 m Women)     Bronze
WO I B.L Nadeeka Lakmali - 2 SLAWC Javelin Throw (Women)      Bronze
Private W.G.J Madushani - 1 SLAWC 50 m Rifle Prone (Women) Bronze
WO II S.M.S Samarakoon - 4 SLASC 50 m Rifle Prone (Men)     Bronze
Corporal P.H.W Karunaratne - SLE 50 m Rifle Prone (Men)      
Private M.V.S De Silva - 2 SLEME Athletic (200 m Men)     Gold
Private M.J.A.P Upeksha - SLAWC     Hockey Silver
Private U.K.N Ratnayake - 7 SLAWC 4 x 400 m Relay (Women)     Silver
Corporal H.M Dilip Ruwan - 1 GW     4 x 400 m Relay (Men) Silver
Corporal M.G.A Premakumara - 17 GW    
H.K.K Kumarage - 2 SLEME    
Corporal N.G Rajasekara - 3 SLAWC Marathon (Women) Silver
Corporal N.P Pathirana - 6 SLE     25 m Standard Pistol (Men) Bronze
Lance Corporal W.A.N.M Weerakkody - 6 SLAWC 25 m Sports Pistol (Women’s Team) Silver
Private A.I.D.A Kulatunge - 1 SLAWC    
Corporal N.P Pathirana - 6 SLE     10 m Air Pistol (Men’s Team) Bronze
  Kabaddi (Men) Bronze
  Kabaddi (Women) Bronze
Lance Corporal G.A Prasanga  Wushu Bronze
Lance Corporal M.D.I.R.S Bandara Boxing Bronze 
  Shooting Bronze
WO II S.M.S Samarakoon - 4 SLASC Shooting Silver 
WO II S.M.S Samarakoon - 4 SLASC Shooting (Individual Event) Bronze
Corporal W.R.T Weerakkodi - 1 SLASC Boxing  Silver
Recruit K.L.M.P.K Liyanage - SLAWC Judo  Bronze
Staff Sergeant P.M.A.G Sadamali - 5 SLAWC Taekwondo Bronze
Private H.K.P Sanjeewa - 8 SLAC  Taekwondo Silver
Sergeant K.S.G.C Kendawala - 1 SLAWC Shooting Bronze
  Shooting Bronze
Recruit E.P.K Madushani  Athletic Bronze
























































Other sportsmen and women too have secured Golds in Swimming (Men’s 100m butterfly style), (4x100m swimming freestyle relay) and a Gold in cycling as of Saturday (6).