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Armoured Corps 57th Anniversary Celebrations Reach Apex

The 57th anniversary arrangements of the Army’s one of the pioneering regiments, Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC) reached its climax on Saturday (15) when SLAC troops presented a Guard of Honour to their Colonel of the Regiment, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander of the Army during a series of ceremonies at SLAC Regimental  Headquarters, Rock House, Mutwal.

The SLAC marked its 57th anniversary on Saturday (15th December) as Corps Day and commemorative ceremonies in that direction began in the first week of December, giving pride of place to religious and memorial assignments at the Regimental Headquarters premises.

This year’s anniversary programmes assumed greater significance since the SLAC was able to put up several new buildings for the benefit of both officers and soldiers serving the Regiment. Recent opening of a five-storied building for other ranks, Wednesday’s inauguration of another three-storied building for SLAC officers, construction of a new archway, etc amply testifies to the commitment and dedication of SLAC officers and soldiers, directed by Colonel of the SLAC Regiment.

On arrival at the premises on Saturday (15), Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya was greeted to a formal Guard Turnout in accordance with military formalities before the Commander was invited to take the salute, presented in the Guard of Honour on his behalf after formal inspecting of the parade.

A brief speech, delivered by the Commander to all ranks present at the SLAC Headquarters underlined the importance of maintaining high degree of discipline while committed to the cause of making Sri Lanka the ‘Wonder of Asia’.

The remainder of the day saw all SLAC retired officers, other ranks, family members of fallen SLAC War Heroes, disable War Heroes and their families gathered together to have a day of fun and amusement with Christmas spirits, close at hand.

A variety of popular sports, events and games, like tug of war, selection of Cavalry Queen, musical chairs, hurdle races, egg balancing, etc, coupled with the intervention of the Santa Claus made the rest of the day entertaining and memorable to all those who were present.