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22nd February 2021 17:17:14 Hours

Adorning New Ranks, Major General Swarna Bothota Appointed New Commandant at Buttala OCDC

General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army on Monday (22) at the Army HQ commended the tenure of office of Major General Swarna Bothota as Defence Attache at London-based High Commission of Sri Lanka and adorned him with his new ‘Major General’ insignia on his epaulettes after appointing him to be the new Commandant at Buttala Officer Career Development Centre (OCDC) cum the new Colonel Commandant of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC).

On the eve of his completion of near two and half year of office in London, he was promoted to the rank of ‘Major General’ along with several others on account of the National Independence Day on 4th February 2021 before he returned to the island. During Monday’s meeting, the Army Chief congratulating him on his elevation inquired into possibilities of uplifting the SLAC Regiment in general and further improving the role of the SLAC in new areas. He also recalled his different offices in the SLAC Regiment.

General Shavendra Silva also requested Major General Swarna Bothota to take necessary steps to elevate the OCDC standards further and assist the expansion of career progression of budding Officers in the Army, particularly considering global developments in the military domain elsewhere since such studies would enhance their horizons of knowledge.

Awarding the batton that signifies the authority and a replica of a sword as a memento, General Shavendra Silva towards the end of the interaction, extended his best wishes to him on his new rank, appointments as Commandant at the OCDC and the new Colonel Commandant in the SLAC. The recipient also thanked the Commander of the Army for the latter's appreciation and his kind comments.

Major General Swarna Bothota who has served the High Commission of Sri Lanka in London as the Defence Attaché since October 2018 completed his tenure a few weeks ago. He sustained and overcame a string of LTTE diaspora-backed challenges and protests while performing duties at the High Commission.