Sri Lanka Army

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03rd June 2024 18:33:46 Hours

Administrative Inspection Conducts by Chief of Staff

The administrative inspection of the Gemunu Watch (GW) was conducted by Major General W.H.K.S Peiris RWP RSP VSV USP ndu, Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army and Colonel of the Regiment of the Gajaba Regiment at the Regimental Centre the GW on 31 May 2024.

On his arrival, the Centre Commandant of GW warmly received the Chief of Staff before he was greeted in a Guard Turnout at the entrance. Before the start of formal proceedings, Major General S.W.B Welagedara RSP VSV USP ndc, Director General Infantry and Colonel of the Regiment of GW welcomed Directors and Staff Officers of different Directorates and Branches of the Army Headquarters.

During the visit, the Chief of Staff highlighted the significance of administrative inspections. Directors and Staff Officers presented their observations and proposed resolutions for pertinent issues. Commanding Officers and Staff Officers of GW participated in discussion.