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18th August 2023 18:57:33 Hours

5th Combat Convoy Company (CCC) in Mali Commences Convoy Operations

The 5th Sri Lankan Combat Convoy Company in Mali commenced their first convoy operation on Monday (07) August 2023 after successful completion of the induction training schedule.

The initial convoy operation was effected to facilitate re-supply of logistics to Kidal, Aguloke and Tessalit United Nations bases and other key installations of the MINUSMA. 228 civilian logistic vehicles that carry essentials to the people were given escort under the direct supervision of the Force Headquarters in Bamako.

During the operation, the 577 km total distance was covered by 19 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and 17 Military Self-sustaining Trucks. 18 Officers and 141 soldiers took part in the operation and other convoy protection duties in a challenging environment from Gao Super Camp to Tessalit.