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13th April 2019 12:55:18 Hours

581 Brigade Troops On the Eve of New Year Responds to SOS & Join Dengue Eradication

In response to the SOS circumstances fast developing in the general area of Galagediya Junction, Karapitiya in Galle upon tragic deaths of two Dengue-affected kids within a very short span of time, more than 25 Army members on the eve of the New Year day joined hands together with Policemen, Public Health Inspectors, Health workers and volunteers this morning Saturday (13) to rid garbage and clean surroundings in suspected Dengue breeding grounds around this junction which is in public focus.

Prioritizing the concerns of agitated and affected families in the area, the Police invited troops of the 58 Division in Boossa to assist them as the Army has been in the forefront in the drive for eradication of this deadly epidemic in the past couple of months with more than 500 troops committed to this cause around the country. on the specific directions, given by the Commander of the Army.

Accordingly, Brigadier Chandana Ranaweera, Commander 581 Brigade, together with the participation of the Commanding Officer in the 14 Gemunu Watch jumped into action. 2 officers including 2nd in command and 25 troops of 14 Gemunu Watch were immediately mobilized into this area this morning (13).

At the time this report was filed, Army troops with others are currently engaged in cleaning obstructed culverts, breeding grounds, collecting garbage and disposing them elsewhere with the support of Army tractors.