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27th May 2024 14:50:30 Hours

55 Infantry Division Conducts Religious Ceremonies for Vesak Festival 2024

55 Infantry Division troops organized a series of religious ceremonies to mark the Vesak Festival 2024 under the guidance of the General Officer Commanding of 55 Infantry Division, Major General R.K.N.C Jayawardene RSP ndc on 23 and 24 May 2024.

As part of the festivities, 55 Infantry Division and its under-command formations hosted 'Vesak Dansal' event, offering buns, biscuits, cool drinks to over 2500 civilians in the Kilinochchi area and ‘Bhakthi Gee’ (devotional songs) event was held in the evening.

Additionally, special efforts were made to support the community, including the distribution of lunch to 60 special needs children, 672 children and staff at 9 Child Development Centers in Karachchi Division Secretariat on 23 May 2024. On 24 May, a rice dansala served 3000 people in front of the Division Headquarters, supported by the 551 Infantry Brigade.

In addition, 552 Infantry Brigade organized an ice cream dansala at Poonakary for over 3000 people, 553 Infantry Brigade organized a rice dansala for over 2500 people in Vishwamadu, 6 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment arranged a herbal drinks dansala over 3000 people on 23 and 24 May and 11 (V) Gajaba Regiment launched a cool drinks and fish buns dansala at their respective locations.

The celebrations extended beyond dansal events, with the decoration of Kilinochchi Town, Lumbini Temple and Elephant Pass War Memorials with colorful Vesak Lanterns. The event was declared open by the General Officer Commanding of 55 Infantry Division on Thursday (23) evening with the participation of all Brigade Commanders, Staff Officers of 55 Infantry Division, Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks.