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14th May 2024 21:49:04 Hours

5 (V) Sri Lanka Artillery Triumphs in 22 Infantry Division Volleyball Tournament

The 22 Infantry Division Commander's Challenge Trophy volleyball tournament, organized by 5(V) Sri Lanka Artillery, took place from 7 to 9 May 2024, with the final match held on 11 May 2024, at the Sri Lanka Artillery Volleyball Court in Seenipura, Kanthale.

Teams representing the 22 Infantry Division and its under command Brigades and Battalions, competed throughout the tournament. Ultimately, the 5(V) Sri Lanka Artillery emerged victorious, claiming the championship title.

The General Officer Commanding of 22 Infantry Division, Major General P.A.M Peiris RSP USP psc, graced the prize awarding ceremony as the Chief Guest.

Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks participated in the tournament.