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29th May 2023 17:06:08 Hours

4 SLLI Soldier's Swift Action Saves Lives of More than 50 Passengers

The miraculous presence of mind and the quick and speedy action of the Corporal K.M.B.R.K.L Karunarathne of 4 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) Regiment of the Army who was on leave saved the precious lives of a few more than fifty passengers on board a private bus plying along Kandy - Mahiyangana road on Friday (26) around 11.45 a.m.

It all happened in the general area of Ududumbara when the bus driver while negotiating a sharp bend was suddenly flung out through the driver's door compelling the bus to further proceed sans a driver for about 50 meters.

The Army soldier, Corporal K.M.B.R.K.L Karunarathne who was on the bus promptly reacted, jumped on to the driver's seat, braked it to a halt and took control of the moving bus within seconds preventing a major catastrophe

Had that quick action not been taken by this brave soldier at the eleventh hour, the bus would have inevitably swerved into an Ududumbara precipice of more than 2000-3000 ft in depth causing a huge damage. Excited and relieved passengers highly appreciated the soldier's heroic role and praised him for his bravery at the risk of his own life.

The Police took the injured driver to the nearest hospital for treatment.