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17th September 2021 08:30:35 Hours

3 SLAOC Troops Support Arrangements for Spiritual Blessings

Troops of the 3 Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps (SLAOC) in consultation with members of the Maha Sagha recently extended the best cooperation for conduct of an all-night ‘Pirith’ chanting ceremony and an alms-giving at Jayamaga Maha Pirivena in Hingurakgoda, meant to invoke spiritual blessings on all Sri Lankans and also for speedy eradication of COVID-19 pandemic from the country.

The Commanding Officer and his troops in the 3 SLAOC Battalion under the guidance of the Commander Security Forces-East, Major General Channa Weerasuriya with the support of the Commander Forward Maintenance Area-East, Major General Mahesh Abeyrathne organized the meritorious programme. Troops erected the octagon for chanting (Pirith Mandapaya) in a creative manner and facilitated seating arrangements.

Alms were offered to the monks after the culmination of the all-night ‘Pirith’ chanting the following day.