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18th September 2021 16:08:38 Hours

222 Brigade Troops Respond to Emergency & Put up Sandbag Waterway

22 Division troops of the Security Force HQ-East at the request of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) in Kantale erected a sandbag bund waterway in order to carry water from Mahaweli river to Kantale Water Purification Plant as an emergency measure since prevailing prolonged weather condition has dropped the water level at the specific location below the pumping point.

Working in close consultation with NWSDB engineers and technicians, those troops of 22 Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (VIR) and 5(V) Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA) Regiments on the direction of Major General Sanath Aluvihare, General Officer Commanding, 22 Division and under the supervision of the Commander, 222 Brigade on Friday (10) hurriedly put up this emergency waterway and enabled NWSDB workers to receive necessary water quantities for purification before distribution is effected among their consumers.

More than 15,000 consumers would accordingly continue to receive purified drinking water uninterrupted as a result of the project.

Major General C.D Weerasuriya, Commander Security Forces-East gave his blessings to the project.