Sri Lanka Army

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02nd April 2024 14:41:32 Hours

21 Infantry Division Conducts Team-Building Hill Climbing Excursion

Officers and Other Ranks of the 21 Infantry Division undertook an exhilarating hill climbing excursion in Kaludiya Pokuna ridge of Mihinthale on 07 March 2024. This activity aimed to strengthen camaraderie, improve teamwork and foster unity among colleagues.

This challenging event was carried out under the guidance of Major General H.H.K.S.S. Hewage RWP RSP USP rcds psc, the General Officer Commanding of the 21 Infantry Division. The participants supported each other, working as a cohesive team to conquer the summit. The experience highlighted the significance of collaboration and mutual support, reinforcing their bond and creating lasting memories of overcoming obstacles together.

The excursion culminated at Maha Kanadarawa tank, marking a memorable and impactful journey for participants of the 21 Infantry Division, who took part in this enriching team-building exercise.