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07th March 2017 20:20:21 Hours

12 Division Troops Assist Conduct of Felicitation Ceremony

12 Division Headquarters in Hambantota under the Security Force Headquarters-Central (SFHQ-C) at the invitation of Nagarawewa Sri Sumedharama Buduraja Viharaya assisted the conduct of a ceremony that felicitated the services of Buddhist monks in the Hambantota District by way of decorating arrangements, cleaning of the premises and the subsequent assistance to the alms-giving for 300 monks on Friday (3).

On the directions of Major General Ralf Nugera, General Officer Commanding, 12 Division, Colonel B.G Caldera, Colonel Administration and Quartering, 12 Division, supervised the project with the support of the Army personnel of the 12 Division, 10 (V) Gemunu Watch and 10 (V) Corps of Engineer Services (CES) of the SFHQ-C.

More than 300 monks, including student monks in the district attended the felicitation ceremony.