Sri Lanka Army

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28th May 2024 17:17:27 Hours

1 Corps Troops Join Island Wide Vesak Celebrations

Troops of the 1 Corps organized a colorful Vesak Zone under the guidance of Major General S.B Amunugama RWP RSP ndu, the Commander of 1 Corps during 23 - 25 May 2024 at Iranamadu area.

As part of the festivities, 1 Corps and its under-command formations hosted vesak dansal event, offering rice packets to over 6000 civilians in Iranamadu and Killinochchi areas. During the programme, the Commander, 1 Corps declared open the Vesak lanterns amidst religious observances. Afterwards, the gathering conducted a tour and the Commander, 1 Corps appreciated the efforts of troops. The decorations were done by Headquarters 1 Corps with the support of troops of under command units. Moreover, Army troops performed a chorale of Bakthi Gee (Songs of religious devotion) to increase the attraction of the event.

Religious leaders in Killinochchi area, government officials, Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks took part in the event.