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13th March 2020 08:32:07 Hours

“Trust Us, We Will Do Our Best for Transients at Quarantine Centers” - Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva

(Special Media Release)

“No one should believe in rumors or fake stories, being circulated in social media which is at times completely false and misleading. As Sri Lankans, you should trust Tri-Forces, Health Ministry and the action being taken by the Government. We will not tell lies, nor will the Army hide anything on this issue,” so said Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army making a special public announcement on Thursday (12) evening.

“We are an Army which has won a war that was considered unwinnable and gained full confidence of the public. Anyone wishing to make any complaints, collect information or discuss anything regarding our quarantine issues is free to dial Tel No: 0113090502 or 113. Even inside Army improvised Quarantine Centers, there is a proper system through which they are provided with food and refreshments. We are an Army who were used to sleep in jungles, under trees and stones, yet we would be the last to drink tea or coffee after cutting plastic bottles half. Inside jungle operations too, we have a standard system for those things,” Lieutenant General Silva remarked.

“A social media post has shown that they were offered tea in half-cut plastic bottles and it had been pasted by one in the Kandakadu Quarantine Center. Sometimes, people might be misled due to these social media posts and these would have been done with ulterior motives and such actions are condemned with ridicule. We sympathize with this person who is being held at this Quarantine Center before he goes home free from any infection just in 12 days.”

“We are operating these Quarantine Centers as per instructions of HE the President who is constantly in touch with us. Anyone feeling that any injustice is meted out to any of those transients, they can inform or contact us. We would do our best to address the concerns. What all of they should understand is that what the Army doing is a service without jeopardizing the lives of 22 million of our people. Unless Quarantine is done, it could be a threat to the rest of the society. All of you quarantined are not at all virus affected patients, nor have you been so far diagnosed to be so,” he pointed out.

“We repeatedly urge you to confide in members of the armed forces as guardians of the country. You must also remember that we are the first to mediate in times of any emergencies or national disasters when it matters landslides, floods or any other emergency. Perhaps, those who were abroad for some time may not be aware of these things. Tri services possess manpower as well as professional expertise who are capable of conducting those quarantine practices and medical procedures. We came forward at the request of HE the President since we remained prepared in advance for such situations,” Lieutenant General Silva quipped.(Ends)