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10th November 2021 21:45:09 Hours

‘Poppy’ Flower Pinned on the Army Chief on Remembrance Day

On the very day the international community marks the World Poppy Day (November 11) that recollects memories of world-wide fallen War Heroes, inclusive of those perished in World Wars, the Sri Lanka Ex-Servicemen’s Association, the prime mover behind commemorative arrangements in Sri Lanka this afternoon (11) pinned a symbolic Poppy flower on the Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, General Shavendra Silva at Sri Jayawardenepura Army Headquarters.

Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ex-Servicemen’s Association (SLESA), Major General Upul Perera (Retd) in the presence of several accompanying SLESA members pinned the poppy flower on General Shavendra Silva to coincide with the day, more popularly known as the Remembrance Day.

All arrangements are underway for the commemoration of the Poppy Day at the War Heroes’ cenotaph at Vihara Maha Devi Park, Colombo on 14 November and the formal information to that effect was also intimated to the Commander during the same occasion. The word ‘Poppy’ has become a familiar symbol of ‘Remembrance Day’ with the famous poem, ‘In Flanders Field’. Those ‘Poppies’ as legends say, blossomed across some of the battlefields of Flanders after the World War - I. Their brilliant red colour since then has been regarded the appropriate symbol for the blood spilled in Word Wars 1 & II.

The income earned by selling the Poppy flowers in Sri Lanka is used for the welfare of retired and disabled war veterans and the 77th Remembrance Day commemoration in Sri Lanka is generally held on the closest Sunday to November 11 due to practical reasons. .

Major General E.M.M Ambanpola, (Retd), Chairman, Veterans’ Home Committee-SLESA, General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Ex-Servicemen’s Association, Lieutenant Colonel Ajith Siyambalapitiya, Treasurer, Major Shanthilal Kankanamge and Chairman of the Memorial Committee, Lieutenant Colonel A. Deepal Subasinghe were among other SLESA members associated with the meet at the Commander’s office.

The inauguration of the ‘Poppy’ week took place after the first two symbolic flowers were pinned on HE the President and the Prime Minister by SLESA members just a few days ago.