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02nd November 2023 20:35:02 Hours

‘Cavalry Supercross - 2023’ Makes New Records

The ‘Cavalry Supercross - 2023’ of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC) kicked off during 28 - 29 October at Pangolla Cavalry Supercross track with the participation drivers and riders from Tri-Services, Sports Clubs and foreign riders.

The event was organized by the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps in collaboration with Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders (SLARDAR).

The ‘Cavalry Supercross - 2023’ featured a total of 24 motorcar and motorbike events, and Sri Lanka Army riders secured commendable gains in 15 different motorbike competitions.

Major General S.W.M Fernando RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc, Colonel Commandant of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps witnessed the ‘Cavalry Supercross - 2023’ as the Chief Guest.

Accordingly, Corporal B.I Maduranga of Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police in the SM - Super Mortard 250/450 cc open event (Race 1 and 2) and Lance Corporal W.A Kumarasinghe of Sri Lanka Service Corps won the MX - Standard 250cc event including race 1,2 and second place in the MX-Racing125 event. Lance Corporal H.M.S Gayan of Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineering secured the second place and third places in the MX-Standards 125cc and 250 cc events respectively. Meanwhile, Major A.A.L.N Adikari of Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment secured the third place in the SM - Super Mortared 250/450 cc open event (Race 1).

Senior Officers, Officers, Officials of SLARDAR, motocross fans were also associated with the event.