Sri Lanka Army

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31st August 2018 16:04:08 Hours

Group ‘B’ Focuses on Technological Creativity

The Group ‘B’ forwarding their observations and findings in the Session 3 on ‘Technological Creativity: Challenges to Armed Forces’ on Friday (31), prior to the expert panel comments, largely focused on challenges and opportunities that exist against armed forces.

Lieutenant Colonel C.A.B Tennakoon of the Sri Lanka Army and Colonel Mohammad Aksar Khan of Bangladesh Army separately made their presentations before the expert panel.

Referring to Challenges, it was pointed out that over reliance on military technology has also posed challenges, together with fast growing autonomous technologies, digitization, financial constraints, rapid development of commercial drones and emergence of lethal weapon systems.

Commenting on opportunities that should not be missed, it was revealed that effective and real time intelligence, faster decision-making, lesser casualties, easy identification of adversary, effective training, effective management and administration, effective command and control, economizing manpower, minimizing collateral damage and deterrence effect be given their due consideration, enabling those opportunities to work out.

As per recommendations, those two Group Leaders endorsed that latest technology available be adopted, use of own system of defence from vulnerability, development of expertise, effective training, maintenance, leveraging of technology to ‘young generation’, continuation of research and development, integration of ‘Industries’ and ‘Universities’ of armed forces, decisions on Rules of Engagement, etc.