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07th September 2018 11:25:56 Hours

Troops of VTC Receive Training on ‘Spiritual Biodynamic Native Agriculture’

The certificate awarding ceremony for the troops serving in Aralaganwila Army farm who have successfully completed a 3 month training course on ‘Spiritual Biodynamic Native Agriculture’ was held at Vocational Training Centre lecture hall on Monday (3).

4 Officers and 24 Other Ranks received their certificates from Vocational Training Centre, Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel V.D.S Perera of Sri Lanka Light Infantry followed by a lecture on ‘Timely Importance of the Course’. Chief Instructor Major K.S Prasantha of Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Major U.L.N.D.K Liyanage of Sri Lanka Army Service Corps, Adjutant VTC also contributed to the sessions.