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Troops Led to Unearth Two more LTTE Torpedoes

MULLAITTIVU: A METICULOUSLY pre-planned LTTE sea battle that was to be staged against Security Forces by terrorists during the just-ended Eelam War - IV was exposed Monday (29) evening when Task Force-8 troops unearthed two big LTTE torpedoes with their launcher from PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU area on information provided by a former LTTE cadre.

The two torpedoes, each 26 ft in length and 5 ft 7 inches in circumference remained neatly wrapped in polythene when the troops made this startling recovery. The torpedo’s launcher of 28 ft in length and 5 ft 10 inch in circumference had also been kept buried by Tiger terrorists in the same vicinity to be used at appropriate time.

The manner the torpedoes with their launcher had been safely kept underground in four different pits of about 12 ft in depth affirms the fact that terrorists were patiently marking time for an attack on a ship or any other vessel that were sailing in the seas. Troops found these long bombs that can be exploded under the water when the vessel hits them from four different pits in the same location. One of the warheads of a torpedo has been kept separately dismantled for reasons, best known only for former terrorists. 
During the same search, Task Force-8 troops were able to find a complete 130 mm artillery gun sans wheels, probably brought there for some clandestine missions.  
Troops on WANNI Humanitarian Operation earlier recovered three more 130 mm barrels from the west of PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU and the northeast of VISUAMADU, six 130 mm artillery guns from PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU, ANANDAPURAM, and MULLAITTIVU, including two guns destroyed by the terrorists in VELLAMULLIVAIKKAL.