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Troops Initiate Distribution of Accessories to ‘Veediweli’ Pre-School Kids

A group of 25 kids learning in the ‘Veediweli’ pre-school at Anandapuram on Tuesday (23) received a stock of educational accessories as incentives following coordination done by the 68 Division Civil Affairs Officer on the instructions of Brigadier P.A.D Kahapola, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 68 Division.

Mr Kesara Raj, Director, Northern Central Hospital, Jaffna on being informed of the requirement of those kids of low-income groups, volunteered to sponsor this donation in coordination with the Civil Affairs Officer, Lieutenant Colonel W.H.A.M Nisshanka.

Those gift parcels of accessories, each worth Rs.1500/= consisted of books, stationery and a school bag, were distributed in the pre-school premises during a simple ceremony. Parents and teachers were present at the time of the donation.

An observation, earlier made by 681 Brigade troops serving the area facilitated the supply of those essentials to those kids of low-income group families in the pre-school.

The donor, together with the Civil Affairs Officer, several 681 Brigade officers joined in the distribution of those accessories.