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21st February 2017 16:03:44 Hours

SLAVF Headquarters Opens Its New Eco-Friendly Accommodation Building

Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force (SLAVF) Headquarters complex at Kosgama, almost reduced to ashes in June last year after the unfortunate blazing inferno affected it badly, was revitalized and got back on the rails on Tuesday (21) as a result of the untiring dedication of all SLAVF officers and other rankers to the construction of a new accommodation complex for other rankers in the premises.

Lieutenant General Crisanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army was at the venue this morning as the Chief Guest at the invitation of the architect of the new accommodation complex, Major General Boniface Perera, Commandant, SLAVF who had reportedly completed the construction of this eco-friendly state-of-the-art three-storied building complex within 40 days in a land adjacent to the same old SLAVF complex.

The new accommodation complex for other rankers, a long-felt need of the SLAVF Headquarters after the blast destroyed their billets, was made possible thanks to the collective labour support of all SLAVF Battalion troops under the technical supervision of 1, 4 (v) and 10 (v) Corps of Engineer Services (CES) of the Sri Lanka Army.

To match with the nature-friendly concept of the Commandant, SLAVF the architects of the SLAVF drew the design and brought the project to fruition at a cost of Rs 19.1 m after the project got to a start in mid January, 2017. The new building can accommodate 100 soldiers and is equipped with all modern facilities. Earlier, most of the billets and accommodation buildings were gutted in the fire that affected the premises, depriving all rankers of proper accommodation.

Lieutenant General Crisanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army on arrival at the premises was saluted in a drive-past Guard Turnout, presented by 4 (V) Sri Lanka Engineers troops before he was invited to unveil a symbolic plaque and warm the new accommodation complex, amid chanting of Seth Pirith by members of the Maha Sangha.

Lieutenant General De Silva, in an appreciative gesture, gifted 3 wall clocks to the new building after he entered the premises and also planted a sapling in the compound as a token of memory of his visit to the Headquarters.

During the Commander’s stay there, he shared a couple of thoughts with officers and other rankers and inquired into their well-being. Towards the end of the brief ceremony, Major General Boniface Perera extended his gratitude to the Commander and presented him with a memento.