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13th August 2020 10:45:18 Hours

One More Educative Project Held at SFHQ-Wanni

Security Force HQ - Wanni with the objective of educating the troops on dangers of narcotics, its use and its impact on family life, etc organized a lecture for All Ranks serving Divisions, Brigades and units under the SFHQ-Wanni on Wednesday (12).

The Inspector of Police Mr. P.R.S.N.K Peramune, Counseling Officer, In-service Training Institute of Vavuniya to be in line with the ongoing educative projects, recommended by Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Chief Of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army and the Adjutant General Branch at Army Headquarters delivered the lecture on the topic, 'Effects on use of Narcotics and Leading to better family life through Prevention'.

More than 120 troops listened to the lecture, delivered at the SFHQ-Wanni auditorium.